Panic Alarm System


Panic Alarm System in TMS notifies to control room about Panic/ Emergency conditions which occurres at tolling sites. Necessary corrective action can be taken immediately to minimize financial loss or any type of casualty

Panic Alarm System is connected from the Toll Booth to the Toll Control Room. The alarm switch lies in the Toll Booth, wherein the alarm hoots in the Control Room . Alarm is activated by Hand Switch Module or Foot Switch Module placed inside the Toll Booth. Activation of the Panic Alarm is observed in the Control Room through the Panic Alarm Controller Panel with a visible depiction of source location of the activated alarm. The buzzer ceases to the sound once the alarm has been confirmed on the Panel and the LSDU.

It consists of the following:

  • Input device for user interface
  • A Panic controller
  • Output device to inform panic condition