Toll Management System Application Software

TMS software is a real term software which provides basic as well as advanced facility for the management of toll plaza. It also includes RFID tag and smart card controlling system. Software also shows the side profile of the vehicle which is classified by RCS.

Manual Booth Controller Unit

Manual Booth Controller plays a major part when automated system fails. Through this MBC unit OHLS and Barrier can be controlled.

Panic Alarm System

Panic Alarm System in TMS is used to notify or inform to control room about Panic/ Emergency condition occurred at tolling site

LSDU (Lane Status Display Unit)

Lane Status Display Unit (LSDU) is used to collect the status of Lane equipment in Automated Toll system. This status data is further given to TMS server in digital format for monitoring purpose. In this way every Lane status can be remotely monitored and total tolling activity can remotely controlled. LSDU helps in deciding health status of the lane

Toll Lane Controller with Cabinet (TLC)

Toll Lane Controller controls all the hardware and software peripherals connected to it. It is the mediator between TMS software and lane hardware. It converts software command into corresponding hardware action.

Manual Barrier

Manual barrier unit manually controls the entry to the toll lane. This provides the entrance to all the lanes in accordance to the status of the over head lane signal. Manual barrier is installed at the entry side of the lane and covers the the AVC area as additional lane width.

Variable Message Sign Board

Variable Message Sign Board (VMS) is the safest and quickest means to notify the highway user on real time changes in traffic patterns and road condition.

Emergency Call Box

Emergency Call Box (ECB) is strategically placed throughout the highways for the highway users. It is used by the highway users for security & emergency communication needs as an aid to seek an urgent help and assistance.

Weigh In Motion

Weigh-in-motion system captures and records axle weights and gross vehicle weights as vehicles drives over a measurement platform.

Vehicle Separator

Vehicle Separator is a high speed electronic device, capable of identifying and separating vehicles in any environmental condition. Vehicle separator is used for the actual separation of vehicles. The main purpose of vehicle