Emergency Call Box


Emergency Call Box ( ECB ) is strategically placed throughout the highways for the road users. It is intended to be used by the highway users for security & emergency communication needs as an aid to seek urgent help and assistance.

Rajdeep ECB is indigenously designed & developed by in-house Research & Development Team to meet the very demanding conditions on highways.

To assure 99.99% uptime at  remote locations on highway is certainly a big challenge.  The  design  of  our  ECB  answers  these  challenges.  It  is  capable  to  work  in  extreme  weather  conditions  and  can  be  deployed  globally.  No  matter  what  the  road  direction  is,  no  matter  how  the  device  is  oriented  on  deployment  –  the  design  takes  care  of  capturing  maximum  sunlight  to  vigorously  charge  the  internal  power  reservoir.  Its  internal  power management  capability  assures  very  less  power  consumption  resulting  into uninterrupted service even in cloudy weather conditions. The ECB is capable of communicating with control room through Optical Fiber or GSM media.

All  ECB’s  are  clearly  marked  with  white  reflective  lettering  that  reads  as  “Emergency  Call Booth”. A flashing  Red  light  located  at the top  of the  box  ensures  visibility  which  helps  to  identify  the  ECB  location  during  night  hours.  It  is  very  easy  to  operate  with  hands free operation.

Salient Features

    • 99.99% uptime
    • Easily Visible to the distant road user, Illuminated front call panel
    • Clear voice communication between road user & control room operator (Clearly audible in noisy highway environment )
    • Hands free – single push operated
    • Easily operable – even by a child
    • Locally powered by Solar Energy
    • Powerful battery backup; Talk Time- 17hrs, Standby Time- 148hrs (in zero sunlight conditions) *
    • Wireless or wire line options available.
    • Uses Digital Telephony : All standard call features are supported like handling multiple calls,holding- retrieve, transfer etc.
    • Easy Installation and Maintenance
    • MTTR: 30mins, MTBF: 100,000 hrs**
    • Weather resistant IP 65 rated cabinet
    • Components are designed for long service life.
    • Vandalism proof design
    • Self Diagnostic/ Alarm Feature, device health reports available, Remote programming capability
    • All ECB’s are monitored live on GIS based software RoHS compliant
    • CE certified for safety assurance