Too often weather conditions change without warning, bottlenecks may cause traffic congestion and traffic may need to be diverted,impromptu check points may be created that could cause delays. To avoid traffic disruption because of these, or several similar reasons, Variable Message Sign board (VMS) is used to alert and inform road users about real-time changes in traffic patterns, road conditions, weather information and so on.

VMS is the quickest and safest way to provide traffic advisories and relevant information to road users. To do this, VMS uses LED matrix displays that are specially designed to display text, graphics, standard road signs, animation, live video content, either in monochrome or colour.

VMS boards are typically mounted by the side of the road or above the road. You can install them on highways, in cities, on major road junctions, for traffic management etc.

VMS boards can be an excellent way to:

  • Suggest traffic diversions or expect delays in case of any accident, traffic jam etc.
  • Give road work warnings, maintenance operations schedules
  • Notify adverse weather conditions
  • Provide information like emergencynumbers,approximate timetoreachdestination
  • Provide general cautionary information like safety implementation, flood, strike, curfew etc. in nearby areas
  • Display instant messages during any event that may affect traffic
  • Display safety enforcement signalling
  • Display toll collection transparencies
  • Update pre-set messages or time-based messages
  • Display automatic threshold-based messages

Salient features:

  • Designed for 24×7, 365days operation
  • Highly legible; the display is legible from a distance of 300 meters.
  • Large viewing angle (170°/140°) H/V
  • High contrast ratio (5000:1)
  • High lumen LEDs for guaranteed visibility under direct sunlight
  • Graphics display ability with fonts, and graphics scalability
  • Multilingual character display option
  • Modular design: each module works independently, in the rare case of any one module malfunctioning, the other modules continue to function smoothly
  • Remote message-changing facility
  • Remote programming capability
  • Live monitoring of VMS on GIS-based software
  • Software adaptable to control center system
  • Energy efficient as it consumes less power
  • Minimum heat dissipation
  • Uninterrupted display option and real-time update
  • Reliable data acquisition and display
  • Wired or wireless options available
  • Durability under worst-weather conditions

Latest Projects

Hyderabad – Vijayawada section of NH-9 in the state of Andhra Pradesh

This is an important stretch from business and social point of view as it connects two important destinations of Andhra Pradesh i.e. Hyderabad and Vijayawada. This stretch passes through important mining and cement production centers.    

RITPL has replaced the system of M/S Indra at this project

  • Record time Completion of System Replacement just in 14 days from the date of Letter of Intent (LOI) for three plazas.
  • Integrated SICK laser AVC with TMS resulting in prominent improvement in accuracy.
  • Transcendent Performance of our Toll Management System appreciated by Client.

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