Automation is the key to smoother, more efficient, cost-saving, and precision-specific work in most fields these days. Having said that, there are times when manual intervention is the need of the hour.

Rajdeep Info Techno’s Manual Barrier unit enables you to manually control a vehicle’s entry to the toll lane. This unit provides entrance to all the lanes, in accordance to the status of the overhead lane signal (OHLS). Manual Barrier is installed at the entry side of the lane and covers the Automatic Vehicle Classifier (AVC) area as additional lane width.

These manual barriers prevent traffic from accidentally entering through the closed toll lane (when the OHLS is red). The barrier arms rotate horizontally through 90 degrees and lock into position. The positions switch is implemented to detect the open/close position of the manual entry barrier. The status of the OHLS changes based on the manual entry barrier position – that is, the OHLS turns green only when the toll collector logs into the Toll Lane Controller with Cabinet (TLC) and the manual entry barrier is in the open position.

A separate boom arm is mounted on the adjacent island to cover the extra width of the extra wide lane. This also has a limit switch to indicate the status of the boom arm and it signals the change in status to the Lane Status Display Unit (LSDU) as an event. The extra arm opens only when there is an extra-wide vehicle coming into the lane.

A similar arrangement of an extra arm can be provided at the exit as well, in alignment with the exit barrier arm, with a limit switch for indicating the current status of the boom arm on the Lane Status Display Unit. The limit switch is connected to the TLC.

The Manual Barrier is appropriately protected from water and dust.

Latest Projects

Hyderabad – Vijayawada section of NH-9 in the state of Andhra Pradesh

This is an important stretch from business and social point of view as it connects two important destinations of Andhra Pradesh i.e. Hyderabad and Vijayawada. This stretch passes through important mining and cement production centers.    

RITPL has replaced the system of M/S Indra at this project

  • Record time Completion of System Replacement just in 14 days from the date of Letter of Intent (LOI) for three plazas.
  • Integrated SICK laser AVC with TMS resulting in prominent improvement in accuracy.
  • Transcendent Performance of our Toll Management System appreciated by Client.

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