Highway Traffic Management System


Rajdeep provides a complete indigenous solution of Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) for highway traffic safety and effective highway traffic management. We not only compete with the best of the existing solutions around the globe, but also offer technologies that will reduce manual intervention and dependencies for controlling road traffic – ensuring safety.

Rajdeep’s Highway Traffic Management System is a unique system that integrates following sub-system:

  • ECB – Emergency Call Box
  • ATCC – Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier System
  • CCTV – Close Circuit Television
  • WMS – Weather Monitoring System
  • VMS – Variable Message Sign
  • Communication Backbone
  • Control Centre

Functions and operations of HTMS are centrally managed from the Control Centre Room. The operator present in the Control Room keeps the track of all activities taking place on the Highway.

All the above mentioned components of HTMS are depicted on the GUI showing their status as active or inactive.

All these components can be connected through Fiber Optic Cable or GSM. This entire system togather brings out to be a very intelligent and supportive system for the users thus meeting the required resources on the highway. It’s a real time decision support system for traffic operator and records and solves the contingency situation.