Sugar Management System

SMS was developed to overcome the various challenges faced by Sugar industry in 21st century. It not only developed for today’s generation but for even coming generation. It is a completely integrated ERP solution.

Inventory Tracking System

Rajdeep Inventory Tracking System is a powerful application that enables users full remote visual monitoring, with the help of proprietary designed and manufactured electronic device like AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) and our powerful software programs for remote monitoring.

Toll Automation Management System

TMS is a complete solution for toll management and it is a systematic way of revenue collection. It is a part of Intelligent Transportation System and helps in efficient handling of the traffic on highway. Toll Management system is an application that provides all information related to the toll plaza.

Intelligent Transportation System

Growing population & rapid urbanization around the world has put tremendous pressures on current transportation resources. It has resulted in traffic jams-congestions , hindering economic growth, wastage of energy, pollution of air by CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, rise in road accidents and mishaps.

Highway Traffic Management System

Rajdeep provides a complete indigenous solution for Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) for road traffic safety and effective management.