Toll Automation Management System


The expectations from Toll Management System in India are unique as, there are variations in tolling rate structures across different parts of the country along with different types and sizes of vehicles The separate identification is being provided to vehicles like buses & trucks due to applicability of different Toll rates.

Due to specific & stringent requirements, sometimes MNC Toll Automation companies may find it difficult to cope up with such working conditions. However for Us it has never been a threat ; instead an opportunity to spell out that we have designed our system to overcome even the most stringent challenges.

Rajdeep’s Toll Management System comprises of indigenously designed & developed , electronic -hardware & software. The system effectively monitor on revenue defalcation and aids in supervision over toll staff. It allows fast transaction processing for operational efficiency. Provides, an exhaustive list of reports for MIS, Data Centre or Data Warehousing options for centralised monitoring and Control over all type of Toll transaction activities.

The system is designed to be foolproof. It provides an open architecture for seamless integration and future upgradation.

Toll Management Software is highly compatible and flexible to cope up with any kind of localisation or customisation as per business process requirements. It includes Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) (using Smart Card and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology), Weigh In Motion (WIM) and Static Weigh Bridge. It facilitates 2 Tier Auditing, Auto Incident Capturing, Dynamic Report Creation and most advanced Toll Transactions Remote Monitoring (TTRM) Systems along with the facility of Toll Component and Transaction Status (TCTS).