Weigh In Motion


Weigh in Motion (WIM) System: Weigh-in-motion system is designed to capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights as vehicles drives over a measurement platform.

Unlike the static scales, WIM systems are capable of measuring vehicles Weight while traveling at a reduced or normal traffic speed and do not require the vehicle to come to a stop. This makes the weighing process more efficient.

Over loaded vehicle reduce the life of road due to wear and Tear. They can cause accidents or lead to trafic jams. So road Authorities had allowed to enforce the charges for overloading. WIM is of great help for road making/maintaining companies to charge the Onerloading charges to commercial vehicles.

WIM is installed at the plaza’s to determine the weight of moving vehicle upto the maximum speed of 15km/hr and does not require vehicle to halt.

The WIM system is integration of following components

  • Weighing Scale Platform
  • Load Cell Sensors
  • Weighing Indicator
  • Junction Box